Renter’s Tasks

Schoolhouse Rules & Tasks

Be sure you fill out the Request to Hold an Event form and send it in.


  • Lights are to your right after the second set of double doors. Main lights are just around the corner
  • Turn on the red water valve under the kitchen sink so the toilet and sinks work
  • THEN turn on the insta-hot plug strip next to the sink
  • Notify us if the oven is not clean or of other issues PRIOR to use or you may be charged extra!
  • Bring your own disposable dishes or
  • Use the tableware and some serving/baking dishes which are located in the lower cabinets and bottom of stove
  • If you use the coffee percolator, clean it when you leave, ready for the next event
  • Cleaning supplies are located in the lower cabinets on the left, and in the closet with the grey curtain
  • Trash bags are located in the cupboard above the bins.


  • Sweep/dust mop all floors. Wipe up any spills  (white mop in closet if needed)
  • Shake dust mops outside thoroughly
  • Shake all rugs outside thoroughly and pick out the fir needles
  • Return tables/benches to their original positions
  • Wash and return any tableware or serving dishes
  • Wipe down counters, stove, sink, and tables
  • Clean the glass doors of any hand prints, etc.
  • Remove your FOOD from refrigerator/freezer
  • Wipe down the commode and sink in the bathroom
  • Turn OFF the insta-hot first, THEN the red water valve under the kitchen sink
  • Remove all paper or other garbage in the fire pit
  • Empty the bathroom trash can
  • Turn off the bathroom heater, all the lights and lock up
  • There is NO trash service. Take your trash AND recyclables with you when you leave


  • Do NOT change the damper settings on the wood stove. It takes about an hour or two to warm the building so arrive early enough to stoke it.
  • Stop feeding the fire at least an hour before you leave
  • Please bring your own wood or leave a donation for ours.
  • If you need directions in how to build the fire, please ask in advance.
  • During extreme cold weather the building water valve outside directly under the kitchen window may also need to be turned on, please ask about it


  • Fireworks, alcohol, drugs and smoking are prohibited in the building and on schoolhouse property
  • Weekends can be busy and the building is often used by different groups each day so clean up promptly
  • Do not remove furniture, VCC/VHPS supplies from the building or memorabilia from the walls
  • Please be respectful of our neighbors and their property.
  • Keep noise or music at a reasonable level, especially evening hours after 9pm.


  • Most cell phones do not have service at the schoolhouse. Some may receive texts.
  • During summer and early fall, when the fire ban is in effect, we cannot allow use of the outdoor fire pit. Thank you for understanding